All of you have had bad days, maybe it was a bad hair day or you were just bummed about something that had happened. It might be because of school assignments, work or anything else. We all have had times where we desperately wanted to feel better soon if not instantly. Who wants to be sad, no one right? So here are 10 ways that helps to kick the unhappiness right out of you:

  1. Singing

You might not be in the perfect mood to sing especially when you are sad as you usually sing when you are feeling happy or boisterous. But trust me just put on a song, your favourite one or any one as a matter of fact, and sing along. I promise you within seconds you will feel better or your mood might have completely changed for the better!!

  1. Eating ICE CREAM

Well most of you know about this. Ice cream is literally your best friend when you are feeling down. It might not be the healthiest but it surely will make you feel better.

  1. Watching a movie

It doesn’t matter which movie you watch when you are feeling blue, all you need to make sure that it is able to divert your thought from your current situation. Movies are a great way in which you could escape from reality. It will definitely distract you from your sorrowful state of your mind.

  1. Read a good book

Like watching a movie, reading a book will also help you feel better. You will get engaged in the storyline and the characters so much which will eventually make you forget about your current situation.

  1. Going for a walk

Whichever type of struggle you are in, taking a long walk will surely take your mind off your problem. Go around your neighbourhood or just go for a walk in the park, it will soothe your mind.

  1. Get creative and create something

One of the best proven ways to cheer you up is creating something. That’s right you heard me! Do some DIYs, room decor, painting or drawing. Let your imagination flow and create your art.

  1. Taking a hot shower

A hot shower will make you feel not only clean but energized. It is able to destress your mind and refresh your thoughts.

  1. Pamper yourself

Every single one of us loves to pamper ourselves. Whether it is doing your nails or curling up in bed with a book, always remember to pamper yourself.

  1. Watch YouTube videos

Well are you wondering what to watch that could possibly cheer you? Why not some vlogs or videos of babies or even puppy videos? All of these will surely work the trick. Watching funny videos are the key here people.

  1. Have your favourite meal

Who doesn’t love food? Literally everyone loves food and we all have our  favourites. Whatever your favourite meal is, whether it is a tub of fried chicken straight from the Mc Donald’s or a bowl of salad, make sure you have it when you are feeling down. As one might say food is the key to your happiness.

2 thoughts on “10 ways to cheer yourself up when you are feeling down

  1. This is such a lovely post to look at whenever your feeling down, great ideas! They all defiantly work as I do most of them myself whenever I’m feeling down xx

    Liked by 1 person

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