Some photos!

Hello everyone!! How are you all doing?
Today is Saturday!! Yipee I love Saturdays! Well today I thought I would show you all some photos I had taken when I went for a hangout with two of my closest friends during the last holidays. We had gone to a mall and watched a movie (if anyone’s wondering, it was Hotel Transylvania 2), ate our lunch and some snacks and also went to a flower garden which was located on the top floor.

Well here are some pictures I had taken, most of them were taken in the flower garden.

There were lots of these types of flowers there.
There were also smaller ones.





In the picture above if you look closely you could see a bee on the far right corner. 😀


Here is close up of the sunflower. When I looked at this photo afterwards, I was quite astounded by it, it looks like a lot small flowers lined together. Very weird indeed.


Then we ate ice cream in a J – shaped cone. I think they call it jipangyi ice cream or something. The flavour at the top was green tea and at the bottom was chocolate (You can probably tell this from the image). It actually tastes scrumptious which I wasn’t actually expecting. Have you ever tried one before?


Well that’s all for today, I hope you all enjoyed this post. See you all in my next post. À bientot!

My Top Five Favourite movies

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Hope you are all having a wonderful day. But if you are feeling a bit gloomy, here is a picture which will surely cheer you up..

Poof Happy

First of all I am very sorry for not blogging for a while. Since school has started I had become insanely busy with homeworks and all. I have to do a presentation about Globalization this Wednesday and I have only completed half of it. (And here I am procrastinating about it).  😦 Well I still have lots of time to finish it so no worries.

Today I thought that I would write a post about my favourite movies. You might not know this but I really enjoy watching movies (well duh everyone does. oops silly me :/ ) Though I don’t actually watch movies during school days, I definitely do watch them (a lot of them) during holidays. I do have quite a collection of DVDs but I mostly download movies from BitTorrent.  Does anyone of you also download movies from BitTorrent? Well it took me a while to narrow down the list of my favourite movies but I finally did it and here you go…

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Quote of the day

Hi everyone!
I was nominated by Raven Wings to do this tag! Thank you so much for nominating me.. Well the quote is…

“Stop waiting for things to happen, go out and make them happen”

This is indeed very true. Most of the people, including myself, will just sit around and wait for things to happen whatever it might be. But please don’t this, have the courage to do it yourself if you want it to succeed. The chances of important things happening by itself are very low without you playing a significant part in it. Always remember that!

The people I am nominating are My Irrelevant Thoughts, maeblogs00 and LyfWithEm.. You have to post a quote and nominate three others.


Bye everyone!! See you all soon! 😀

The Real Neat Blog Award

Hello everyone!!

I am really excited to inform you all that I was nominated to do The Real Neat Blog Award by Akhila. This is the first award I have ever been nominated for and I am wholeheartedly thankful for the nomination.


The Rules are :
1.Thank the nice person who nominated you and ping back.
2.Complete the task your nominator assigns.
3.Nominate several bloggers—up to seven, if you like!
4.Give them a challenge to complete, and share these rules.
5.Include the logo, above, in your acceptance post.

The task given to me :
Let us know how you will react when you notice a stranger laughing  at you continuously (assume he is not mad).

Honestly, at first I would be freaked out a bit because I would have no clue for his strange behaviour. I will look around me to confirm whether he is laughing at me or at someone else who just happens to be beside or behind me. When I am assured that he is laughing at me, I would start to wonder if there is something wrong with what I am wearing or whether there is something in my hair. I would try my ultimate best to ignore that person rather than confronting him because I do not want to cause a scene. If he does not stop laughing and I get tired of it, I would take my leave (assuming that I am at a particular place like a cafe).

I am going to nominate thoughtfultash, Dziey, Teenella, radicalmermaid and Lisforlexi

Task for my nominees :
What are the five things you want to accomplish in your life before you die?


Byeee! 🙂

Cherish your high school moments

Hi everyone!! How are you all doing? Hope you are all well… 😀

Well one night as I was lying on my bed trying my absolute best to fall asleep (basically I wasn’t that sleepy, mostly because I had slept a lot during the afternoon), my mind started pondering about my future. What university I would go to, what occupation I would have and all those things. Though my mind was everywhere, there was one particular thing which almost brought me to tears at the realization. That was missing my high school memories when I am go off to university.

Though most of us are dying to finish high school and go to university, we don’t realize that university is going to be way tougher, we are going to be way busier with our studies because that is what determines our occupation in the future and most importantly what decides our FUTURE. We are going to be so focused on it, we will realize that we were being ridiculously silly when we wished to go to universitysooner.

University might be fun and all but our high school memories will all be behind us – the fun times we had at school, the sleepless nights we spent watching movies, the chats and silly moments we shared with our friends. It’s then you will realise that high school was the last moment you had as a teenager to live with your parents and siblings every single day – to be able to play with your little brother or sister. You would most definitely miss their cute smile, fun games you had with them, the times you spent laughing at their little mischiefs…I know I would… I don’t even want to imagine of how much I will miss my little brother when I go to univeristy (though I will only go to university after 3 years, I am still in 9th you know).

However, there is also a bright side to going to university – continuing our education to follow our dreams… And let’s not forget we would be one step closer to claiming our future… That is rather cool you know… Also we would make plenty of new friends, the kind we would surely be in touch with after graduation.

But if you are in high school, make sure to cherish each and every single day because after that you are off to university and then you will get occupied with your job and sooner or later you will decide to settle down…

Well see you all in my next post… 🙂
Until then bye


Going back to school


Hi everyone!!! Like for most of you, my school reopened today, 11th January 2016. Honestly I was quite excited to go to school – meet my friends and talk about our holidays, study the new chapter of Math and Biology (Yay I am a nerd, hm am I? Oh I don’t know)

I enjoy going to school and I am highly sure that some of you also. I was eager and all but a tiny bit part of me dreaded that the winter holidays were over, though I had one month of freedom.. I kind of wanted more days. You can’t blame me though, what would you do if you had one entire month of watching youtube, reading books and simply relaxing and the next moment you know that you have to wake up early and leave for school?

I am well aware that I am exaggerating the situation a bit too much. Anyways I guess it’s not bad just three more years until university… it is all going to go so fast *sarcastic.

Today, AKA the first day of school after winter break, was actually really fun. I didn’t get assigned much homework, emphasis on the much, because I was given some homework. I remember when I  was in grade 4 when we would just beg the teacher to not give us any homework until he/she is convinced. Some students in my class would keep on repeating the sentence “Today is the first day of school, we deserve some free time” until the teacher finally acquiesces. Oh how i miss those times!

Anyways we were still given some free time in most of the subjects. Oh by the way, we had  our class captain (prefect) and vice captain election today. I ended up being the vice captain…

I still remember when I was younger I used to wish that I could just grow up fast and I didn’t realise back then that growing up also means more responsibility and definitely much more difficult chapters at school. I don’t regret it though I was able to finally learn the trigonometry and the covalent and ionic bonds (I used to wonder how compounds were formed when I was in 7th… and I got my answer now…)

At certain times, I do wish that I was a child though… Who else agrees?

Well see you all in my next post… 🙂 until then bye

Dancing all night long


So i had gone to a party on the 31st of December 2015. My family was invited by our family friends and the party started at 7. The problem I faced was I knew no one at the party as there were not any of my friends for me to converse with but I was excited to meet new people (Though I am quite shy at first). So it was like I was in a sea of strangers so I had decided to stick with my mom and aunt the entire night as they go along and talk with others. In my opinion I thought that this day was going to be a total disaster when I glimpsed people talking in groups. But honestly I have never been more wrong in my entire life. The party had actually took a turn for the better after a while.

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