So i had gone to a party on the 31st of December 2015. My family was invited by our family friends and the party started at 7. The problem I faced was I knew no one at the party as there were not any of my friends for me to converse with but I was excited to meet new people (Though I am quite shy at first). So it was like I was in a sea of strangers so I had decided to stick with my mom and aunt the entire night as they go along and talk with others. In my opinion I thought that this day was going to be a total disaster when I glimpsed people talking in groups. But honestly I have never been more wrong in my entire life. The party had actually took a turn for the better after a while.

The party started off with some performances – there were dances, songs, drama and comedian acts. Then came the fun part also known as EATING. Who doesn’t love eating? Everybody loves especially myself and I honestly had eaten a lot that day. At around 9 pm, it was time to dance on the dance floor which was what I dreaded the most before coming to the party. Don’t get me wrong, I truly LOVE dancing, it is indeed one of my passion. But I wasn’t looking forward to it this time mainly because of the lack of my friends at the party.

My aunt had asked a girl to take me the dance floor because she knew my plan of sitting with my mom throughout the entire event. After introducing ourselves, she took me to her friends where we once again had given introductions like What is your name?, Which grade are you in? Which school do you go to?, etc. There were around 15 of them and they were all 12th graders and had already planned on which college to go for their further studies. I, on the other hand was just a 9th grader girl who just couldn’t wait for the clock to strike 12am – meaning it would be  New Year and also my birthday… 😀

After taking a few pictures, all of us went to the dance floor. I was flabbergasted of how amazingly colourful it seemed. There were lights glaring down at the floor, shinning brightly. These luminous lights filled the room and there was only one word which could perfectly define that moment – incredible… We all stood in a circle and started dancing while many songs were played. We started off dancing slowly just moving to the beat and by the end of the night we were jumping, spinning and doing every single move with the utmost energy. From the corner of my eye I could see my parents dancing and my brother (if you don’t know I have 5 year old brother) dancing…

One of us notified the others that the time was 23 59, 1 minute for 2015 to end, one minute for a new beginning to commence. As the clock finally struck 12, we all jumped exuberantly screaming HAPPY NEW YEAR, there were party poppers and horns (It surely was loud and there were a lot of confetti on the floor by the end of the party). We all hugged and wished one another HAPPY NEW YEAR. This night was truly magical, and I knew there was no better way to celebrate the beginning of a new year and my birthday other than dancing…

So that was it, a magnificent night, perfect way to end the last page of a book and start the first page of a new book. At the end, it was an amazing day – made new friends and overall had so much fun.
2015 was a great year filled with mind-blowing experiences which definitely involved visiting places and always having a wonderful time with family and friends. There might have also being bad moments, like the minor fights we have with friends or bring very sad for who knows what reasons but what is a rollercoaster without its ups and downs? Well at the end of the day you know that 2015 was quite a memorable year perhaps it was the year you made many new friends or you were able to accomplish a life long dream. And let’s not forget about our Christmas celebrations we had with our family. I surely had a wonderful time and also got great gifts…

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!! (I am quite aware that I am late to wish but better now than never, right?)
How did you guys celebrate the beginning of a new year? Hope you all had an awesome time… ❤


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