Hi everyone!! How are you all doing? Hope you are all well… 😀

Well one night as I was lying on my bed trying my absolute best to fall asleep (basically I wasn’t that sleepy, mostly because I had slept a lot during the afternoon), my mind started pondering about my future. What university I would go to, what occupation I would have and all those things. Though my mind was everywhere, there was one particular thing which almost brought me to tears at the realization. That was missing my high school memories when I am go off to university.

Though most of us are dying to finish high school and go to university, we don’t realize that university is going to be way tougher, we are going to be way busier with our studies because that is what determines our occupation in the future and most importantly what decides our FUTURE. We are going to be so focused on it, we will realize that we were being ridiculously silly when we wished to go to universitysooner.

University might be fun and all but our high school memories will all be behind us – the fun times we had at school, the sleepless nights we spent watching movies, the chats and silly moments we shared with our friends. It’s then you will realise that high school was the last moment you had as a teenager to live with your parents and siblings every single day – to be able to play with your little brother or sister. You would most definitely miss their cute smile, fun games you had with them, the times you spent laughing at their little mischiefs…I know I would… I don’t even want to imagine of how much I will miss my little brother when I go to univeristy (though I will only go to university after 3 years, I am still in 9th you know).

However, there is also a bright side to going to university – continuing our education to follow our dreams… And let’s not forget we would be one step closer to claiming our future… That is rather cool you know… Also we would make plenty of new friends, the kind we would surely be in touch with after graduation.

But if you are in high school, make sure to cherish each and every single day because after that you are off to university and then you will get occupied with your job and sooner or later you will decide to settle down…

Well see you all in my next post… 🙂
Until then bye


4 thoughts on “Cherish your high school moments

  1. I love this! Despite the fact school is the most stressful thing I have ever known, I’ll be so sad to leave it when I go university when I’m 18! 🙂

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