My Top Five Favourite movies

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Hope you are all having a wonderful day. But if you are feeling a bit gloomy, here is a picture which will surely cheer you up..

Poof Happy

First of all I am very sorry for not blogging for a while. Since school has started I had become insanely busy with homeworks and all. I have to do a presentation about Globalization this Wednesday and I have only completed half of it. (And here I am procrastinating about it).  😦 Well I still have lots of time to finish it so no worries.

Today I thought that I would write a post about my favourite movies. You might not know this but I really enjoy watching movies (well duh everyone does. oops silly me :/ ) Though I don’t actually watch movies during school days, I definitely do watch them (a lot of them) during holidays. I do have quite a collection of DVDs but I mostly download movies from BitTorrent.  Does anyone of you also download movies from BitTorrent? Well it took me a while to narrow down the list of my favourite movies but I finally did it and here you go…

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