Hello everyone!! How are you all doing?
Today is Saturday!! Yipee I love Saturdays! Well today I thought I would show you all some photos I had taken when I went for a hangout with two of my closest friends during the last holidays. We had gone to a mall and watched a movie (if anyone’s wondering, it was Hotel Transylvania 2), ate our lunch and some snacks and also went to a flower garden which was located on the top floor.

Well here are some pictures I had taken, most of them were taken in the flower garden.

There were lots of these types of flowers there.
There were also smaller ones.





In the picture above if you look closely you could see a bee on the far right corner. πŸ˜€


Here is close up of the sunflower. When I looked at this photo afterwards, I was quite astounded by it, it looks like a lot small flowers lined together. Very weird indeed.


Then we ate ice cream in a J – shaped cone. I think they call it jipangyi ice cream or something. The flavour at the top was green tea and at the bottom was chocolate (You can probably tell this from the image). It actually tastes scrumptious which I wasn’t actually expecting. Have you ever tried one before?


Well that’s all for today, I hope you all enjoyed this post. See you all in my next post. Γ€ bientot!

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