Hi everyone!! How are you all doing?

So if you didn’t know I absolutely love hacks, any kind of them actually. Hacks are simple things done to make any task a whole lot easier. It could be cleaning hacks, beauty hacks, book hacks, phone hacks or preferably anything. Today I am going to introduce you to five kitchen hacks which I consider to be very easy and helpful. These are hacks which I have come across and I thought I would share them with you.
I have used these hacks many times and I assure you that they work! Well let’s get to it then…

1. Peeling gingers with a spoon
I used to peel ginger by using a knife and this did take some flesh along with the skin. After coming across a hack about using a spoon, I tried it and it works just as wonderfully. This is also safer as spoons aren’t sharp unlike knives.


2. Peeling a hard boiled egg by shaking
How do you usually peel a hard boiled egg? I used to do the traditional way by cracking one end and slowly peeling it but guys there is an easier way. Just put the hard boiled egg in a lidded container filled with a bit of water and shake!! I know that this sounds completely ridiculous but trust me it actually works. Just try it!!


3. Removing the hull from strawberries using a straw
Well this is self explanatory right? Just ensure that you use a firm straw.


4. Peeling ripe mangoes
Place the edge of a mango slice against the tip of a glass and slide it down. As mangoes are a soft fruit, the glass can easily separate the skin from the flesh. And now all you are left with is sweet juicy mango slices.


5. Scooping up fallen eggshell pieces from your bowl
I am sure that this has happened to all of us. We crack an egg open and pour it into a bowl and the next thing we know is that there is a small eggshell piece in the bowl. Oh how annoying it is! We would try to pick up and even with all the effort we put, it would just move around. Well there a hack to save your day! Put water on the tip of your finger and then pick it up. It will easily come out. Ta da!


*All the featured images are from Google
Well that is the end of this post! I hope you found it helpful. Have you heard about these hacks before? Have you tried them? If you have how did it turn out? Do tell me, I would love to know. See you all next time! Bye! 🙂

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