Hey guys! How are you all doing?
Today I am going to be taking you down the memory lane with 5 tv shows that you are most probably familiar with. These shows were aired on Disney channel and Nickelodeon, two of my favorite channels when I was a kid. Do tell me if you have watched these as a kid and enjoyed them as much I as I did. Without further ado let’s get to it….

1. Danny phantom

images-3.jpeg    images-4.jpeg
Who remembers this ghost boy?  Danny Fenton (which was his actual name) was just a normal kid until one day he messed up with with his parents laboratory and became half-ghost. This series is mostly about him fighting off ghosts from the ghost world while trying to manage his teen life without anyone finding out his true identity.  With his two friends, Samantha and Tucker by his side, he set off to save the day (every single time).

2. Wizards of the Waverly place


This American sitcom is about three wizard siblings who are competing against one another to be the sole custody of their family’s powers. This show had 4 seasons in total. I had found each and every episode of this to be very entertaining, funny and definitely enjoyable. This was honestly one of my favorite things to watch and I always looked forward to watching new episodes of this show. Sadly like the others in this list, it had ended.

3. Phineas and Ferb



Who else misses the “Mom!! Phineas and Ferb are building a… “? I don’t have words to express how much I used to love this show. The mostly-talkative Phineas and usually-silent Ferb are stepbrothers trying to make the most of their summer vacation by constructing rather elaborate inventions, like the roller-coaster, time-machine, and enjoying them with their friends. Their sister Candace’s aim was to bust her brothers and every single time she calls their mother to inform her of it and by the time their mom’s reaches home, all the evidence has consistently vanished.

4. Kim Possible


“Danger or trouble
I’m there on the double
You know that you always can call
Kim Possible

Here is yet another one of my favourite tv shows of when I was a kid. In my opinion Kim Possible was one of the best cartoons in Disney Channel of all time. It had it all – cleverly written plot, cool characters, catchy music, awesome theme, plenty of action boom paw paw, comedy-packed scenes and romance.
It is about a teenage crime-fighting girl who has to deal with issues and problems arising worldwide while balancing her family and school issues. Though the villains were at times cliché with the secret lair and carefully-thought plan to rule the world, it was still one of the most incredible cartoon show I have ever watched.

5.Big Time Rush


A boy band trying to make it big in the music industry. The four members are Carlos, Kendall, James and Logan (from left to right). Carlos was the sweet boy and corn-dog lover. Kendal, the captain, didn’t pretty much like the stardom and fans, he always preferred a normal life. James was considered as the pretty-boy in this group, he adored the fans and loved to be in the spotlight. Logan was the brainiac, actually wanted to be a doctor.

Well that’s the end of this post. Tell me what you thought about it. I was planning to do ten but I knew this post would have been exceedingly long. Maybe I will do a part 2. Have you watched any of these shows? What were your favourite ones when you were a kid?
I decided to make a series called “Feeling Nostalgic”, where I will post about some of the things we all loved doing when we were younger. And this was one of it. What do you think?

Anyways bye everyone.. See you all later. 🙂


23 thoughts on “Feeling Nostalgic – 5 Tv shows

  1. I absolutely loved Phineas and Ferb and Wizard of Waverly Place! Look were Selena is now, most followed person on Instagram! I never quite understood why Ferb didn’t talk though Xx

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