Book Review – The Passenger by Lisa Lutz

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Today I am going to be reviewing The Passenger by Lisa Lutz, a book I found to be truly entertaining.


Author : Lisa Lutz
Publisher : Titan books
Published on : March 1st 2016 by Simon & Schuster
March 15 2016 by Titan books
Genre : Thriller, Mystery, Suspense

Synopsis :

With her husband’s body still warm, Tanya Dubois has only one option : run. When the police figure out that she doesn’t officially exist, they’ll start asking questions she can’t answer.
Desperate to keep the past buried, she adopts and sheds identities as she flees. Along the way she meets a cop with unknown motives and a troubled woman who see through her disguise – and who may be a friend or foe.
But ultimately she is alone, and the past can no longer be ignored . . .

Review :

Tanya Dubois is the first name the main character goes by and the book starts with her running away suddenly after her husband’s death. This is not because she is responsible for his death but she knows that this could cause her past to surface and thus her true identity to be revealed. She goes around to different places, adopting new identities on the way, some which last for a short while and other which last longer. She builds close friendship with some characters like Blue, Andrew, Domenic and Sean.

Tanya Dubois is obviously a disguise for a woman we are yet to find out about. We are being given clues here and there about her true identity and this only aroused my curiosity to know the real her. The book is divided into eight different sections each titled with the name she goes by for a certain period. During the book, we are being shown with some emails between her and Ryan. All we are able to know is that he is someone from her past and is involved in whatever that had caused her to start running in the first place.

The last 50 pages or so are filled with all the answers to our questions and  every single detail about her past is there. We are being introduced to the real her, it is rather satisfying to know her true identity.

This was such an incredibly amazing book and I am honestly so glad that I read it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel! 😀 Some parts had truly marvelled me, indeed they even persuaded me into finishing this book as soon as possible. To conclude I would like to say that I absolutely LOVED this book and this is possibly one of the best books I have ever read!!  I would highly recommend you to read this and I assure you that you will also enjoy it.

Rating : 5 / 5

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