Miranda Sings Award

Hey everyone!! How are you all?
Today I am going to be doing the Miranda Sings Award!! Wohoo! This is something that has been quite famous in the WordPress world recently and I am very thrilled to do this. A huge thank you to Tash for nominating me for this award.

miranda sings

The Rules:
1. Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who nominated you.
2. Include the featured image on your blog post.
3. Nominate other blogger to do this wonderful award.
4. List 7 things you love about yourself (this can be about your appearance, personality, achievements etc).
5. Don’t use negative connotations (i.e Don’t say things like – I’m prettier than an average person or People have told me I’m smart. You ARE pretty. You ARE smart).

  • I am talented in dancing and have had many opportunities to dance in public.
  • I am smart and always get high scores in my subjects. Basically I one of those people who get a trophy or medal and certificate at the price distribution held in school every year.
  • I am very patient when it comes to doing something time-consuming.
  • I have always been good at giving speech, presentations and recitations. I had actually taken part in a speech competition outside school which was divided into three categories – elementary school, middle school and high school, each category having one winner. I was in Grade 6 at that time and I am very happy to say that I won (in the Middle School category) and was awarded with a trophy!! 😀
  • I love my hair, it is naturally wavy.
  • I have long eyelashes and thick eyebrows which I absolutely adore.
  • If I am really determined to do something, I will definitely 100% do it rather than leaving it halfway through.

The blogs I am nominating are The Orangutan Librarian, The Ambivert, Rosypop, Just a blank space, Dewdrops, happyalexx, radicalmermaid, travellingworldblog  and kylaeunoia
Thanks for reading and bye!!


The Versatile Blogger Award

Hi everyone!
Anther Award?? Ahh thank youuu. So about a while ago I was nominated by the wonderful kylaeunoia for The Versatile Blogger Award. This nomination literally made my day so thank you so much for it. When I first made this blog, I had no idea that I would be awarded with this amazing award… eeekk I am so happy!!!


The rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Nominate at least 10 bloggers of your choice. When considering a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, keep in mind the quality of their writing, the uniqueness of their subject matter and the level of love displayed on the virtual page.
  3. Link your nominees and let them know about their nomination.
  4. Share seven facts about yourself.


7 Facts about me:

  1. I absolutely love ice creams and my favourite flavour would be vanilla though I pretty much don’t mind eating any flavour. Its one of things that I won’t ever get tired of eating.
  2. I WAS BORN ON 1st JANUARY 2001. 😀 You heard me right! I came into this world on New Year’s day!
  3. I am really scared of spiders, lizards, cockroaches, caterpillars, worms, well the list goes on but you got my point. Right?
  4. I loveeee eating chocolate!! Or basically anything relating to chocolate. Chocolate is love! Chocolate is life!
  5. The places that I hope to visit one day are Paris and Hawaii.
  6. I am a very shy person especially when meeting new people though with friends, I am much more talkative.
  7. I haven’t told any of my friends about my blog and the only people who know about this are my parents.


Blogs I nominate :

  1. Arcane Owl
  2. Okaaythen
  3. Iamabloggertoo
  4. happyalex
  5. Raven Wings
  6. My Irrelevant Thoughts
  7. Starrlet
  8. The Ambivert
  9. Shay
  10. Fangirl Fandoms

I hope you do it..

Well see you all soon

The Real Neat Blog Award

Hello everyone!!

I am really excited to inform you all that I was nominated to do The Real Neat Blog Award by Akhila. This is the first award I have ever been nominated for and I am wholeheartedly thankful for the nomination.


The Rules are :
1.Thank the nice person who nominated you and ping back.
2.Complete the task your nominator assigns.
3.Nominate several bloggers—up to seven, if you like!
4.Give them a challenge to complete, and share these rules.
5.Include the logo, above, in your acceptance post.

The task given to me :
Let us know how you will react when you notice a stranger laughing  at you continuously (assume he is not mad).

Honestly, at first I would be freaked out a bit because I would have no clue for his strange behaviour. I will look around me to confirm whether he is laughing at me or at someone else who just happens to be beside or behind me. When I am assured that he is laughing at me, I would start to wonder if there is something wrong with what I am wearing or whether there is something in my hair. I would try my ultimate best to ignore that person rather than confronting him because I do not want to cause a scene. If he does not stop laughing and I get tired of it, I would take my leave (assuming that I am at a particular place like a cafe).

I am going to nominate thoughtfultash, Dziey, Teenella, radicalmermaid and Lisforlexi

Task for my nominees :
What are the five things you want to accomplish in your life before you die?


Byeee! 🙂